How to Find out Information on Electronic Medical Records

There are several media out there with information on electronic medical records. The first place that one would look at is the Internet. Going on a search engine, for example Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. You can type out the word “EMR” then click on search to find out how to implement Electronic Health Records.

This will bring a list of several sites that have information or data related to the electronic records for you to choose and follow using the link provided. Another way of finding information on these medical records is by reading magazines, journals and/or newsletters by various authors and publishers who focus on medical technology.

Vendors and users of these systems also have great information and they can be reached through their websites or blogs. Lastly and most importantly, the government’s health Information Technology official website has all the information that is relevant when it comes to these electronic health records plus gives references to the appropriate websites.



Medical records scanning does not have the same meaning as electronic medical records. Medical record scanning is a process to scan patient health records or charts into an image format and store the images onto a computer hard-drive. Electronic medical records are a system used to create and…



There is a friend who works in hospitals near my place of work. Recently she told me that for a span of two years they have changed their EMR software useful reference twice and that it was very hectic during the change over period since they had to work for longer hours. There are many reasons why an organization…

How EMR Software Is Helping Manage the Big Data

With the huge volume of data to be managed by hospitals, clinics, private practitioners etc about their patients, the volume of big data is constantly rising all over the states. This has been pushing the limits for the last few years and now the only way out of the data explosion and mismanagement us to employ good electronic health records (EHR) software like EMR software.

Requirement of maintenance of medical records

The government in United States had long declared the new regulation that makes the use of EHR mandatory in medical fields. This is because the government wanted to make sure that people benefits the most by getting good and modern treatment. And, this is possible when medical boards, scientists, pathologists, lab experts, and doctors, can make out the most from the available records of medical history, clinical experiments and treatment procedures of the billions of patients in the country.

Advantage of keeping records

The more records and detailed case histories get recorded, the more the doctors and clinicians will get help in determining new and modern methods of treatment. The success and failures of the treatment, the experiments, and the medical examination reports of each patient are vast, and to note records of every patient a huge spacious database maintenance system is needed. Hence the EMR software is getting popular in medical segments, as this can handle the huge database.

The main problem in record keeping

The main problem that people working in health industry are facing is the maintenance of big data, and proper filtration of useful data. Also securing junk raw data for later processing and use, and conveying the data to masses and other health segment branches nationwide and worldwide for help of the common people, in getting better treatment in future is important. All of these can be achieved when there is an efficient, highly stable, central data management system to store and process all medical data. The EMR software plays this role in the EHR segment.

What is possible by using this software?

With proper implementation of EMR software, all medical records with bigger files and huge volume can be stored in it. Ordinary transcription software is only able to store minor descriptions and details per patient. If there is a huge file stating the detailed pathological report of a patient, then the commonly used EHR software will only mention the last 2 lines giving the final verdict about the report, and this data, though states the patient’s state for the time, is still not enough in research and record keeping purpose. No medical worker will be able to process the incomplete and insufficient reports stored in these ordinary EHR software, for welfare of mankind. Therefore it is extremely important that the EMR software wikipedia is employed for the bulk storage of high volumes of data which are otherwise not manageable by other software.

The software has made the management and storage of big data in medical sector very easy, and storage of blocks of raw data possible which was a challenge a few years ago. Now medical workers can work for the betterment of man by utilizing carefully stored daily data, and it would not take forever to process and implement useful records with the use of this EHR software.